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Level 1 classes held weekday evenings.   Level 2, Level 3 or long gun classes held on weekends.  Click contact us tab,

F.I.G.H.T.                      Level 2 Pistol                                            Level 3 Pistol

Into to AR 15               Home Defense Shotgun                        Pepper Spray Class

​​Urban Survivor Training

Upcoming Classes

Welcome to Urban Survivor.  Let's make this short and sweet, we teach people how to shoot!  We believe in a simple concept, a firearm is a tool to save your life.  We don't train marksmanship champions, we teach defensive firearm training with handguns, shotguns and carbine rifles.  

UPDATE !!!  We are booking our Level 1 Mixed Gender Basic Pistol Classes as often as we can.  We are currently preparing our new outdoor range and expect classes to resume mid September 

For our advance courses such as Level 2 or 3 Pistol, Introduction to AR-15 Rifle or Home Defense Shotgun, call us directly at :

Call 724 331 7521