​​Urban Survivor Training

Welcome to Urban Survivor.  Let's make this short and sweet, we teach people how to shoot!  We believe in a simple concept, a firearm is a tool to save your life.  We don't train marksmanship champions, we teach defensive firearm training with handguns, shotguns and carbine rifles.  

Level 1 Pistol / Our Beginner Mixed Gender Class booking now

Level 2 Pistol / Our Conceal Carry Class just announced  ENROLL!

NEW  "ROCKS 1.5" / Our new "Refresher Pistol Class" lower price

Visit us at this new state of the art indoor shooting center 

B.A.S.E. (Basic Awareness and Safety Education) Course : Non Firearms class with self defense skills and full pepper spray class with a compact pepper spray to take with you. 

Upcoming Classes

New Indoor Range in Jeannette PA, book a class now!

F.I.G.H.T.                      Level 2 Pistol                                            Level 3 Pistol

Into to AR 15               Home Defense Shotgun                        Pepper Spray Class